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Posted: 2014-04-30

M31-Mosaic Project finally completed!

+3 months. 18 Separate nights. 41 hours of data used. 27 megapixels. 534 separate exposures. 1233 manually annotated objects within M31, such as Globular clusters, Open clusters, Stellar associations & Dust clouds... Around +150 hours of processing & annotating was required for my biggest project ever! Enjoy

Posted: 2014-01-27

M 108 - LRGB

Production have been low lately due to a huge photo-project taking up most of my imaging-time, but I still managed to get some data on M 108 in the big dipper. Make sure to have a look at the annotated version, since there's +2400 galaxies visible in this image!

Posted: 2013-11-14

NGC 7129 & NGC 7142

Time for a new addition in the gallery, the photogenic combination of NGC 7129 & NGC 7142 in Cepheus, along with some faint red background nebulosity

Posted: 2013-11-03

M 33 - Triangulum Galaxy

I've often heard people call this galaxy a "beginner-target" due to it's brightness. I just finished processing this one, and I'd say it's one of the hardest targets I've ever shot, there's tons of interesting features hidden among the rich spiral arms.

Posted: 2013-10-17

Season Premiere

New image, NGC 6992!

Posted: 2013-08-08

Dark season is closing in

Less than a month until my part of Sweden reaches astronomical darkness, finally!!

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